About us

Our Pride Child Care

Our Pride Child Care facilities are based on the founding relationships we form with Jesus as individuals. Although we are based and formed with the foundation of the importance of a relationship with Jesus we do not believe in forcing belief on anyone, if you want to practice any belief we suggest you attend a church of your choosing. Formal religious training is not taught, however grace will be said at meal and snack times.

Our Pride Child Care advances the lives of working families. We do this with high caliber, adaptable kid care, inventive early learning projects and building up a feeling of network and support for our families. Families that we work with us become our family and together we help build kids who are caring, skilled and eager about themselves. We enlarge every day with our customized educational programs.

Our Pride Child Care Services, is committed to providing guardians with dependable, adaptable and enhanced quality child care arrangements that are suited for the necessities of every individual youngster and family.

Isaiah 54:13

Then all your children will be taught by the lord.